Welcome to the Summer Read

Hello, Brouilletians!

SAMI is pioneering its summer read program! We’ll be reading Paulo Cohelo’s The Alchemist over the summer, and it will be the focus of our cabin readings, as well as a common experience for our mentor group to reflect on. In order to make this meaningful, we need everyone to participate. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Respond thoughtfully to the discussion questions. [Required.]  Give an honest, detailed response, using your personal experience and evidence from the text. Don’t forget page numbers!
  2. Respond to someone else’s post. [Helpful, but optional.] Ask a clarifying question or share a similar experience.
  3. Post some new knowledge. [Fun!] If something in this book catches your attention, follow it! Research some historical, literary, or religious reference. Draw a picture of a character or a scene. Define some interesting words and track down their etymology.  Go nuts! If it interests you, it will probably interest someone else.

You can do this in little bits over the summer, or in one big chunk when you’ve finished the book.  No matter what you choose, just please make sure you’ve done your part by August 25 (the Friday before camp).